Vision Health Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between VisionHealth and Vision Health?

None. We prefer to write it as one word (VisionHealth), but some people prefer two (Vision Health), some people really like it combined with a small “h” Visionhealth, which is the way we write Visionhealth on screen!

When was Visionhealth created?


What was the impetus behind Visionhealth?

Visionhealth was created to provide much needed information to sufferers of incredibly widespread chronic conditions. The film director behind the Visionhealth series suffered from Asthma and was frustrated with the lack of readily accessible information and the conflicting opinions and approaches being propagated.

What’s next for Visionhealth?

Visionhealth’s aim is to become self perpetuating. It will move with the times and constantly strive to update it’s existing titles (to keep them current and as useful as possible), while continually searching for new titles.

What charities does Visionhealth donate to?

Visionhealth is in the process of becoming a registered charity in its own right. A portion from every sale, from every Visionhealth disc is collected in and twice a year Visionhealth makes a donation to an appropriate charity, concerned with researching and promoting efficacious treatments for the conditions covered.

How long does a Visionhealth title take to make?

Creating a quality dvd with such a breadth of information takes a long time. Roughly speaking, research takes 6 weeks, production takes a further 3-4 weeks and post production takes 6-8 weeks. After that the finished tapes are mastered and then replicated at the dvd factory.

How quickly do Visionhealth titles dispatch?

Visionhealth titles ordered on a weekday will dispatch within 24 hours.

Why do you only offer recorded (signed for delivery), rather than the normal (and cheaper) first class postage?

As we are sending out double disc sets, and deal with numerous customers daily, customer service is our priority. Recorded delivery lets us track customer orders quickly and easily. This way when you order a Visionhealth dvd you know when it is coming. As importantly, if your disc gets lost, the process of dispatching a replacement is much easier.

Are all the Visionhealth experts registered?

At the time of filming (and to our knowledge to this day!) all Visionhealth experts are registered with either the British Complementary Medical Association (BCMA) or the British Medical Association (BMA).

Can I suggest new Visionhealth titles?

Absolutely, we welcome suggestions for future titles and of course all feedback on any aspect of the Visionhealth series. We are committed to making these the best audio visual resource for chronic sufferers.

When will there by an NTSC version of … Visionhealth title released?

We are planning NTSC version of all our titles over the coming months. If you are interested in obtaining an NTSC version, please contact us. Asthma, Diabetes and Arthritis will be the first NTSC Visionhealth dvds released.

How often do you update the Visionhealth website?

We aim to update the website at least once a fortnight.

How often do you host e-clinics with experts?

We host at least one e-clinic with a Visionhealth Expert every month. We aim to eventually do one a week.

How do I find out when the next e-clinic is being hosted?

Sign up for the newsletter. In the future, we will have a countdown on the main menu. That will probably be added in the next major update.

I missed … e-clinc, is there anywhere I can read what was discussed?

At present, regrettably, there is not. In the next major update to the site we will be publishing Q+A’s from past clinics. This will be a great resource, so keep your eyes peeled.

Can I suggested … website, link or article?

Yes please! All articles, links, resources will be considered for inclusion in the Visionhealth site and please spread the word on Visionhealth by requesting that your favourite sites link here.

Is your 24 hour, 7 day a week call centre, really 24 hours, seven days a week?

Yes! So please use it!